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You can book the Driving Test online, over the phone or by post. To book your test, you will need your provisional driving licence number, your theory test pass number with pass date (where necessary) and a debit or credit card.


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8am and 6pm Monday to Friday

  • English: 0300 200 1122
  • Welsh language booking line - 0300 200 1133
  • Minicom booking line - 0300 200 1144
  • Fax booking line - 0300 200 1155


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Driving Test - Book your test today!

Booking a driving test is not difficult, however, it's a good idea to have the correct documents at hand. You'll need the info whether you are booking online, over the phone or by post

Information On How To Book The Theory Test

When can I book the Driving Test?

You can book the driving test after you have passed the Theory Test. You can take the Theory Test as soon as you reach 17 years of age.

How quickly can I get a Driving Test?

If you want your Driving Test date as soon as possible it's possible to look for cancellations using the online booking system. Alternatively, if you book your test over the phone, you can ask the booking line staff to look for you

The more flexible you are, the better the opportunity to get a test date quicker.

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What will I need to book the Driving Test?

You will need:

  • A valid Great Britain or Northern Ireland Provisional Licence
  • Your Theory test pass certificate number and date you passed (where necessary)
  • Credit / debit card details

How much does it cost to book the Driving Test?

Driving Test VehiclesWeekdayEvening / Weekend / Bank Holiday
Car - Extended Disqualified Test124.00150.00
Car & Trailer115 141
Motorbike module 1 off-road test15.5015.50
Motorbike module 2 on-road test75.5088.50
Motorbike Extended Disqualified Test150177

Evening tests are only available from May to September and are subject to Examiner availability.

How long is the waiting list for a driving test?

How soon you get your driving test date will depend on how busy the test centre is that you decide to book your test at.

It can range from 1 week up to 10 weeks although the average wait is 6 weeks. The amount of time will depend on the availability of Examiners and how busy the Test Centre is. If you don't care which Test Centre you take your driving test at, check the waiting times at a few and book your test at the centre with the shortest waiting time.

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Can I book a driving test that someone else has cancelled?

If you can be flexible about when you take the driving test, it's possible to book tests that other candidates have cancelled. You can do this online by using the change driving test service

More Info: Change Driving Test

If I fail, how long do I have to wait to rebook a driving test date?

You will need to wait 10 days from the date you failed the driving test before you can book another date.

What happens if I want to cancel my driving test?

That's fine - as long as you cancel your Driving Test more than 3 working days before the test date, you won't lose your fee.

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