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Driving Test
Show Me Tell Me Questions

Before you begin driving or riding during the practical driving test, you will be asked 2 simple mechanical questions.

Many pupils are alarmed by this news because they assumed the test was on driving ability alone.

However, the questions are straight forward and designed to ensure learners gain a little piece of mechanical knowledge.

Show Me Tell Me Questions in the Driving Test

Driving Test
Independent Driving Section

The independent driving section of the driving test was introduced in 2010

The idea was to give the test a more everyday, realistic feel, instead of having the Examiner give directions for the whole of the drive.

Learners see this as extra pressure on top of an already stressful situation, however...

Independent driving section of the Driving Test

Driving Test Articles

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On the Driving Test - the Candiate's job is to drive

08 Jan, 2013

A common mistake made by driving test candidates is to worry about the Test Examiner.

Learners that have failed the test often tell us they noticed the Examiner marking the test sheet or were trying to see what the Examiner was marking down.

Though understandable, we always tell the learner that... On the Driving Test - the Candiate's job is to drive

Official Highway Code App

24 Oct, 2012

The Highway Code is available to download as an app! Now we know this isn't particularly up to the minute news (the app was launched on 15th May this year).

However, many pupils revising for the Theory Test are unaware of this and one of the main complaints we hear from them is...

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Timing The Driving Test & Theory Test

30 Aug, 2012

We often have pupils come to us for driving lessons in a panic because they are nearing the end of the 2 year Theory Test cut-off date. If you didn't know - from the date you pass your Theory Test, you have 2 years within which to take the practical driving test before you have to re-sit the Theory Test again.

To avoid the panic (and cost) of having to re-take the Theory Test...

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Driving Test

What is the Driving Test?

The Driving Test is a test of the skill level of anyone over the age of 17 that wishes to obtain a full UK driving licence.

The practical test has developed a lot from its beginings as a voluntary test in 1930's. These days the test is approximately 40 minutes long and as well as driving, it includes simple maintenance questions, a manouevre, an independent driving section and sometimes, an emergency stop.

More Info: History of the Driving Test

How long is the Driving Test?

The practical driving test takes approximately 40 minutes to complete - the 40 minutes includes ALL sections of the test - that is:

  • The eyesight test
  • The Show Me Tell Me questions
  • The Driving section (including a manouevre, independent driving etc.)

More Info: What happens on the Driving Test

Driving Test and the Provisional licence

You must own a Provisional licence to take the Practical Driving Test for a car, moped or motorcycle.

You can to apply for a provisional licence from the age of 16 year and 9 months old. The Provisional licence is valid for 10 years from date of issue.

More Info: Provisional Driving Licence Help

Driving Test and the Theory Test

You need to pass the Theory Test for your catagory of vehicle before you will be allowed to take the driving test.

If you are hoping to add another category to your full driving licence, you will need to retake the theory test for that vehicle. For example, the motorcycle theory test is different from the car theory test, therefore you will need to retake it before the driving test.

More Info: Theory Test Help

After the Driving Test

The examiner will inform whether you have been successful.

They will then give a short debrief about your test - whether you pass or fail the test, it's important that you listen to the debrief as it will contain advice on areas that you need to improve on. All new drivers need to continue improving!

The Examiner will give you the driving test report and if you've been succesful, your pass certificate, plus extra information on improving your driving further.

You will be given the option of sending your provisional licence to the DVLA yourself or letting the examiner send it for you.

If you decide to do it yourself - information on how to do it is on the back of the pass certificate

If you'd rather have it done automatically - your examiner will take your licence and you should receive your full licence within 3 weeks

In the meantime, the Driving Test Pass Certificate is proof that you passed your test.