On the Driving Test - the Candiate's job is to drive

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On the Driving Test - the Candiate's job is to drive

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A common mistake made by driving test candidates is to worry about the Test Examiner.

Learners that have failed the test often tell us they noticed the Examiner marking the test sheet or were trying to see what the Examiner was marking down.

Though understandable, we always tell the learner that, as a driving test candidate, your job is to drive! The Examiner's job is to 'test'.

For candidates to have the best chance of passing the driving test, they must give 100% concentration. There is absolutely no reason to look at the Examiner's marking sheet, if you do, the concentration level has dropped.

Even if your test vehicle is stationary at the side of the road, at no point should you be wasting time trying to look at the marking sheet, you must focus on what is happening and what is going to happen.

You can't second guess the Examiner

Learners have told us that halfway through the drive they gave up trying to pass because they'd seen the Examiner marking the test sheet. However, after the test, they realise they only received minor marks which means the test was still passable at the point that they gave up!

Learners often tell the Examiner they'd noticed them marking the test sheet after a mistake and assumed that was the point they failed, only for the Examiner to tell them they failed because of something that happened in a completely different section of the test!

Examiners are carrying out tests all day, so they know when a candidate peaks at the test sheet. Thay are also aware that this means the candidate isn't concentrating on the task at a hand.

The only time the Examiner refers to the marking on test sheet is at the end of the driving test, and that should be the same for you!

Let the Examiner worry about the marks so that you can concentrate on giving a safe, competent drive!