Driving Test Centres In Suffolk

Driving Test Centre List For Suffolk


1 Coastguard Cottages

84 Wartling Road

BN22 7PT


Test Centre ID: 108


Parking: Limited parking spaces available

Notes: The car park for Eastbourne test centre is on the opposite side of the road

Access: Arrangements will be made if you have a disability

Toilets: Male and female

Tests Available



Motorcycle Module 1

Motorcycle Module 2

Approved driving instructor - part two

Approved driving instructor - part three

Lorries, large vehicles and buses

Waiting Time

1 week

4 weeks

Tests available

1 week

4 weeks

5 weeks

Tests available

Can't find a Driving Test Centre nearby?

If you can't find a Driving Test Centre in your town, please look for the main town nearest to your location. The DVSA has announced that some branches of Halfords will be able to provide Driving Tests. You will need to check at your local branch to see if they plan to offer this service.

Remember to allow enough time to get to a test centre that's further away. If you arrive after the appointment time you won't be allowed to take the test.