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Question - What happens if I arrive late for the driving test?

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What happens if I arrive late for the driving test?

You must get to the test centre 5 minutes before your appointment time.

In order to test as many candidates as possible, driving tests are run on a tight schedule, therefore; if you arrive late - your test will be cancelled and you'll lose your fee.

Most test candidates agree that it wouldn't be fair if they turned up on time but the examiner was still out on a previous test because it started late.

This would cause a knock on effect meaning each driving test would run later and later. To avoid this, start times are strictly adhered to.

However, if you are only slightly late; up to 5 minutes, it may still be possible to take the test.

A general rule is that you will probably have your test cancelled and lose your fee if you arrive over 5 minutes later than your test time. However, the Examiner has the right to cancel the test if no one is present at the start time.

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