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Question - What happens if we get stuck in traffic on the driving test?

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What happens if we get stuck in traffic on the driving test?

This is a possibility, especially if there is an unforeseen incident such as a road closure or an accident. It can also happen during rush hour, although test routes are arranged so as to avoid the worst roads.

If the test vehicle gets caught up in heavy traffic, the test will continue - the Examiners are familiar with the areas in which they work and may try to find an alternative route if it looks like the traffic will be stationary for a long time.

At the end of the test, it's up to the Examiner to decide whether they have seen enough of the candidate's driving to give a verdict.

If the Examiner decides that they didn't see enough driving, the test may be void which means the candidate will have to re-book another test. This is unfortunate, rare and annoying for the test candidate.

Please remember, the Examiner will try to get around the traffic where possible, but when it's unavoidable, the Examiner has no choice but to make the test void.

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