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Will the Examiner talk to me during the driving test?

Pupil Driving Test Questions
Will the Examiner talk to me during the driving test?

Yes the Examiner will talk to you. They are human beings (we think!).

Examiners are aware that candidates are normally nervous before the test and will try to put them at ease by being amicable. However, if a Test Examiner talks to a candidate too much, there's a danger that it could affect their concentration.

During the driving section of the test pupil concentration is very important, so the Examiner will keep any talking to a minimum.

It's okay for you to talk to the Examiner during the test as well, but bear in mind, as well as not affecting the candidate's concentration, they also have a job to do e.g. marking the test sheet, watching what's happening outside and inside the car.

What we're saying is, if the Examiner only gives you short replies, it's not because they're in a mood, it's because they're doing their job!

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